My newest obsession

One sad thing about not living in Ontario anymore is not being able to attend the One of a Kind Show that happens in Toronto twice a year. Somehow my visits home never seem to correspond with when the show is on – a regrettable thing because it features so many unique and interesting handmade items from artisans all over the country. I’m a person who likes unique things, so this show was made for me. I’ve been terribly in withdrawal from it for the past few years!

Happily, I’ve just found an alternative to the One of a Kind show in the online site called Etsy. And all I can say is, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Etsy is an eBay-like site where handmade items are bought and sold. There are thousands of shops within Etsy selling everything from jewellery to housewares to clothing to paper products. Heaven in a click of the mouse button!

I just bought this very cool baby bib from the seller rockmamapunkbaby for a friend who is having a boy soon:

Our husbands were in the navy together – that’s the pirate connection – so I hope they think it’s cute!

If you like to give unique gifts – to yourself (!) or to others – check Etsy out. (But hit Toronto’s One of a Kind show too if you ever can … you won’t be disappointed.)

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