Elusive letter blocks

Almost four years ago, when my friend had her daughter Kyla I found the cutest little letter blocks at a giftware store in Baden, Ontario. (I was living near there at the time.) Each little letter block was different from the rest: a different colour, a different size, and had a different little character sitting on its top. I loved them. My friend did too, when she received the blocks in the mail. They spelled out Kyla’s full name and were meant to be a decoration for her room.

When I had my daughter Chelsea recently, I remembered these blocks and went on a search to buy them for her room. But do you think I can find a complete set of them anywhere in Victoria? No! The closest I got was last week when I walked into a Hallmark store. The letter blocks were there, but they were getting out of carrying them and they only had the less-common letters left. No A’s and no L’s, so spelling “Chelsea” was going to be a bit tough. Luckily, I was able to buy some for our friends in Ontario, who just had a baby girl:

I hope Zo&euml and her parents like them. I have given them what I can’t get for my own baby girl. Grr!

Someday, I’ll find you, elusive letter blocks! Until then, the search continues…

3 thoughts on “Elusive letter blocks

  1. Those are so cute — that’s nice that they still had an ‘e’.Have you looked for them online? Or for something similar at Etsy?


  2. i just discovered etsy! i’m totally hooked. actually i found them in qualicum beach, but now I have to drive 2.5 hours up island to get there!


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