The times, they are a changing

I just submitted an article for publication consideration to an online site, and surprised myself with the topic I chose … breastfeeding.

Boy, times have changed.

I used to write about very different things, didn’t I? In the column I used to write for the Moss Rock Review magazine here in Victoria, I wrote about a street performer, a wonderful new store, a duo of designing women, therapy pets, about supporting local food and farmers, and about the Grapevine women (I forgot to post that here, so will do that soon). My topics were so varied. On my blog, too, it feels like I’ve written about everything under the sun, including knitting, travel, books, movies, cats, life in Victoria, and more. But now I have crossed over, haven’t I?

I’ve become a Mom. And I’m starting to write about Mom-like things.

For the past several months I’ve actually felt like I haven’t had much to write about on my blog. And unfortunately I stopped writing for the Review when I decided to get out of some of my volunteer commitments in preparation for having my baby. Although I’ve written about these topics a bit here, I didn’t think people were really that interested in hearing about my pregnancy or my newborn. And it’s hard to fit other interests in to write about when you’re experiencing all of that. But I have to remember why I wanted to blog in the first place – I just wanted to write. And they always say to write about what you know.

These days I know about breastfeeding. I know about babies (well, some), and I know about being a Mom (OK, getting there). I can guarantee that my future blog topics will still be about anything that I’m musing about these days, but I do find that often I’m musing about baby-related stuff. (Consider this fair warning!)

Yet I still need to remember to write about other inspirations in my life. I used to use this blog to help me get out and experience more things, and I think I’ve forgotten to do that a bit lately. (I have been, uh, a little busy.) The times, they are a changing, but life still goes on. Life can’t be all about a baby can it? No, of course not. But sometimes you still have to take a baby with you!

Stay tuned for more blissful adventures from me, on baby-related topics or not. Until then, may we all remember: the only thing that remains constant is change. Am I right?

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