Super Yummy Muscat Grape Cake

I was introduced to this delicious Grape Cake several years ago by my friend Shelley, and it has since become a favourite dessert at our house. We don’t have it often, but we love it when we do.

Last night I didn’t have time to take a picture before we dove in to have our two pieces! Needless to say, it was good.

Tip: If you make this cake, you should not do what I did one time in the past which was to forget to put the grapes in until after the first 20 minutes in the oven! Funnily enough, the grapes don’t drop easily into the cake when the top is already set. (We ate our grapes on the side that time, but they’re really better when plunked into the cake…)

Note: When I bought the Muscat wine for the cake, there was only one kind in the liquor store. You might have to ask for help to find it – and it might be in the section with the sherries. My kind was called Elysium, from California, and after I used 1 cup of it in the recipe, it left me with exactly two decent-sized glasses for my husband and I to drink at our leisure, while waiting for the cake to bake in the oven. So good!

If you love to bake and like sweet wines and grapes, try this one out. Enjoy!

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