Her favourite things

The past couple of weeks has seen a new development in our baby Chelsea. She now has started looking at toys and mobiles with interest. It all started with these mind toys:

She loves them! We got a mobile for her crib (where we change her, as she’s still sleeping in the bassinette) that’s along the same lines, and it’s hilarious to watch her watch it. She coos and smiles and has little laughs while looking at the shapes. Just makes your heart melt.

The other thing she really likes right now is my water bottle. Yes, you heard me! I have this clear water bottle that I have near where I nurse her most often and she loves to watch it. It’s got red and black writing on it so I think it’s like the toys above – very easy for her to see. It’s crazy watching her smile at my water bottle with all the delight in the world!

The other thing she seems to really be interested in is our bedroom ceiling fan, when it’s turned on. She watches and watches it. I think it’s mesmerizing to her!

Ah, life with a 10 week old. We have new discoveries every day!

2 thoughts on “Her favourite things

  1. How fun!I’ve read that a lot of babies like fans — some like them for a long time. Have you ever read Julie Frick’s blog? Fricknits? Her toddler loves them.


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