Whoo hoo

Something wonderful happened in British Columbia in March. They changed the provincial tobacco legislation.

The city of Victoria has always had great anti-smoking bylaws in place, but now the entire province is catching up. Smoking is now banned from all public places, indoors or out, within a three-metre radius of any business. This includes outdoor patio areas. Smoking is also banned in any area through which people must walk to access a business. On Vancouver Island, smoking is banned on all VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) properties, including grounds and parking lots. And it is now illegal to display tobacco products for sale.

Yes, you heard me. I think this is the greatest thing of all. In order to buy tobacco products in a store, a person will have to ask for them by name, because the products won’t be displayed in full view. They will be in a drawer or in a cabinet, out of sight of the public. They say that this “out of sight” law has been a positive contributing factor in the statistical decline of youth smoking in Saskatchewan where the law was first enacted. I’m thrilled to pieces.

I’m sure the critics are thundering, but as a non-smoker I really appreciate this news. I have held my breath many times in the past ducking through the blue haze of smoke from people standing outside stores, and now I appreciate that – especially while strolling with my new baby – I won’t have to do it any more.

Chalk a few up for non-smokers. Whoo hoo!

5 thoughts on “Whoo hoo

  1. I know! Great news isn’t it?Now as soon as it becomes illegal for people to smoke in their cars when they are traveling with children I will be really happy.That and pregnant smokers. Ugh.


  2. Isn’t it interesting that we have to rely on lawmakers to protect us from people engaging in self-destructive behaviours? I mean, smoking kills secondhand but primarily first hand. Why do people want to kill themselves slowly, let alone their loved ones? I have no answers but am just glad I never took up the habit.


  3. I think it’s a great day when that law came in. The amount of harm done by smoking isn’t restricted to the disease it causes; but with universal health care, we all have to pay for the care of people who knowingly inflict this damage to themselves.I just can’t wait for the university to catch up with the rest of the province and bann smooking from campus.


  4. Great news, Scotland has had a smoking in public places ban for three years now and it’s made a huge difference. It’s great to be able to go into a pub and not come home smelling of smoke. Having said that, our local bus driver still smokes on the bus (surrounded by no smoking signs)! I’ve complained twice to his bosses but he still does it. He must be really hooked.


  5. I really started noticing (and hating) the smokers lingering around entrances once I had children. I didn’t like inhaling lungfulls of smoke on my way in and out of places, but I really hated bringing my little kids through that. So this is good news for all the little ones!


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