A very momentous occasion

Oh it’s been ages since I posted, I know. I have a good reason: on Feb 27 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and we named her Chelsea. The last five weeks have been a whirlwind, learning how to take care of our darling daughter and getting to know her. It’s been wonderful, but busy, so it hasn’t left me much time in the day to blog … or do many other things that I used to get done! So forgive me if my blogging slows down for a while. My newborn calls…

8 thoughts on “A very momentous occasion

  1. Dear Beth, What wonderful news. Congratulations!! I have been checking your blog nearly every day for news. I am so delighted for you. It’s such a roller coaster in those first few weeks isn’t it? Such a special time but so exhausting and a steep learning curve. Well done Beth, look after yourself and your dear little one.XXXXXX


  2. Hi, just thought that I’d say great name 🙂 I just had my darling Chelsea on Feb 6th of this year as well. Its a small world. I’m originally from the Ottawa area. Great blog!


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