Rainbow, ice cream, and last week of work

1. A friend and I had a delicious lunch yesterday at the Blue Crab in Victoria, overlooking the water. A rainbow adorned the sky across the harbour for almost the whole time we were sitting there.

2. Since I’m the pregnant one and I didn’t want to look conspicuous (as in, “Hey, where are the pickles with that?”), I asked my husband to go buy ice cream the other night so we could make sundaes when he got back. (We buy ice cream about twice a year – it’s very unusual.) Turns out he got a comment from a guy in line as he went up to the till with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and caramel sauce in tow: (“Hey, that looks like it’s really going to be good.”) And my husband laughs, “Yep, my wife’s pregnant, what can I say?” (SOOO glad I didn’t go myself!)

3. My last week of work starts today. It’s sad but exciting at the same time. I’m looking forward to a delicious lunch at Ebizo (my favourite Japanese restaurant), with the person I share my office with and my replacement. Yum, yum!

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