Looking back

I’ve been blogging for over two years now and it just occurred to me tonight … I rarely ever look back at what I’ve previously written. Onward, forward, looking ahead – that seems to be what I’m always doing and thinking. But what was my life like a year ago? Two years ago? I thought I’d finally take a look back.

Around this same date in February last year I was talking about running. I had just started a running clinic, and it was going well. The whole experience was amazing really, that I – who had always considered myself a non-runner – was able to commit to the training (and have it really succeed!) to work up to running a 10K. Now that I am living in a pregnant woman’s body, I really miss running. I hope to get back into it again this year when my body allows me.

In February two years ago I was talking about tea. (Victoria is a great place to talk about tea … we even have a tea festival coming up in a couple of weeks). Around that time, I had just discovered tea lattes and, in particular, the London Fog. I still love tea and tea lattes but alas, in this pregnant woman’s body, I am limiting my caffeine intake and haven’t had a London Fog in months.

Do I resent being pregnant? No, of course not. But I feel that this person in this body at this time is not really me. I’m looking forward to being “me” again pretty soon … a “me” with a little babe along for the ride.

Now that I’ve looked back, I’m looking forward to that.

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