Getting closer

A full term pregnancy is usually considered to be 40 weeks. I’m at 36. Yes, the end is in sight! I have two more weeks left of work and then…then? Well I guess I get a few things done around the house, try to pamper myself a bit, and see if the baby wants to make her appearance – hopefully around the due date!

Today we went to our first childbirth education class, which was pretty informative. Our instructor was great. Yes, they show you those birthing videos that are the stuff legends are made of, but in reality they’re actually not that bad. It doesn’t look fun but I suppose I have no choice – I WILL have to go into labour eventually!

I suppose I’m doing a little bit of nesting at the moment; I’m making Seville orange marmalade. I saw the oranges at the store and remembered the recipe I had seen in my preserving book. I like marmalade, but I’m not sure I like this one – Seville oranges are very bitter (I’ve never had them before). The annoying thing is that I thought I’d have the canning all done last night but the recipe’s measurements were off (or, rather the instructions were). The recipe made twice as much as it said and it didn’t set. Grr! Tonight I’m reprocessing the batch in small bits with some extra sugar to see if I can pull off a good set. So far, so good.

Some beautiful things about my life right now:

1. The class today was the first class I have ever taken with my husband. It was great to do it together.

2. Although I had been told “the last month is a KILLER!” by someone that I’m sure was trying in the best way they knew to help me cope with the trials of pregnancy, I seem to still be handling this alright. Mind over matter?

3. We found someone to take over my job who seems like she will be just great. I love my job and it’s good to know that it will be in good hands for the year that I’ll be off. Yay us for finding a good hire!

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Getting closer

  1. Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy Beth. It is such a special time. It sounds like you are keeping positive about it. Not that I would expect anything else from you!


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