Medjool dates, still baking and the end in sight

After yesterday’s rant I thought it was time to do a 3BT. It’s been ages!

1. I discovered recently that I love Medjool dates. I don’t know what Medjool means – is it a place? a type? just a cool name? – and I’ve been too lazy to look it up, but regardless, those dates are still good. The only trouble is that buying 14 of them the other day cost me $5.85 … but I think they’re worth it. They’re delicious!

2. Even though I have a very large belly at the moment, and my belly button is seriously threatening to become an ‘outie’ after many, many happy years as an ‘innie’, I am pleased that I can still get around well and do one of my favourite things – bake. In fact, I have a pan of our family’s yummy brownie recipe in the oven right now.

3. We are getting so close to being done our massive upstairs painting project that I can taste it. (Well, actually I can smell it … man, even latex paint is potent!) Our house has been in an uproar for months – but the end is in sight! And I can start putting up art and pictures soon – hooray! It is finally starting to feeling like our home.

6 thoughts on “Medjool dates, still baking and the end in sight

  1. I think Medjool is a place – but I am likely just assuming that.Brownies and an almost finished home – sounds like a great day to snuggle in.My brother tells me it was as cold as 2 degrees there yesterday. Slightly warmer than our -4 but still good weather for staying in.


  2. Yippee! Almost there. I am now officially spending more time getting the baby’s room done than anything else. Well not really the room but all the paraphernelia that goes inside it! It’s amazing how much a tiny little baby needs…


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