A bit of a rant

I am so fed up with getting phone calls from machine voices. The telltale sign that you’re going to be listening to a recording is the pause that happens after you say, “Hello?”, before the voice comes on. Almost every other night now I get this one that is a woman’s super fakey nice voice. Usually I don’t give this particular electronic woman the time of day, and hang up right away, but last night she called again with a different approach.

“Hello, my name is Mimi, and…” (oh this new one has a name, I’m going to listen to see what she’s all about, I think). But of course it’s the same old song and dance. She wants to save me money on my insurance, and if I’d just press 1 now to speak to a representative she’d be happy to set that up for me.

OK, I’ve had it. I’m so sick of “Mimi’s” electronic voice calling me – usually around dinnertime of course – that I press 1. I’m going to give the “representative” a piece of my mind.

A real person – this time a man – answers. “Hello, did you press 1 because you’d like to save money on your insurance?”, he says. Ah, the chance I’ve been waiting for! I shoot back with venom: “No, I pressed 1 because I want you to take me off of your phone list!”


Dead silence.

“Hello?”, I demand.


“Hello?”, I spit into the airwaves.


I must admit then that I really lost it. Yup, this pregnant lady had a few choice words to say into the dead air (or was he really just sitting there listening quietly?) of that phone. “You’re a #^$^@%* coward!” I yell into the phone and hang up.

I’m not proud of my reaction folks, because this is not usually the easy-going Beth we all know and love (!), but Mimi and her boy-toy had me over the edge. It didn’t solve anything of course, but it sure felt good.

So what do we do about these machine voices that call us at the most inopportune times with “offers” that we clearly don’t want? Obviously when someone doesn’t want to save money on their insurance (or whatever the current scam happens to be), the real live people can’t be bothered to (or have been instructed not to) give you the time of day. You can call it the hormones raging through my body, but I call it common sense. When will companies stop using our personal information like this to annoy us in our own homes? We’re being held hostage by the anonymous electronic voice, but what can we do about it?

6 thoughts on “A bit of a rant

  1. Call Display – helps, you still get the annoying ringing but…Isn’t that aggravating? When I hear that pause it is my signal to hangup. And then spend the next 20-30 seconds just breathing…


  2. LOL – I’ve been known to shout at the machines themselves! Depends on my mood. Sometimes I hang up, sometimes I shout. In the UK we have something called the Telephone Preference Service which telesales people are supposed to repect. If you’ve registered with the TPS and a company calls you, they can be fined. I just gently remind them of this fact and they’re usually all apologetic.The worst are the automatic answer lines that don’t understand regional accents. When I say my postcode the response comes as, “I didn’t quite catch that.” (My postcode has an F in it and F and S sound exactly the same on the phone).I’ve been known to shout, “Well, you’re f***ing stupid then.”


  3. ok I laughed out loud reading this one! The picture of pregnant Beth letting loose a long stream of purple prose at a faceless telemarketer is just too funny.Glad you feel better. Chin up. Sooon you’ll have that lovely little girl to keep you so busy you won’t have time to answer the phone.love youMom


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