7 weeks to go

Well, approximately. I’m at 33 weeks and am getting ready to have my old body back. You know, the one that rolled over in the middle of the night easily, without waking me up? The one that could squeeze easily behind chairs in a restaurant without people having to move? The one that didn’t wind me walking up the slight street incline to the bus stop? Yeah, that body. I’m ready for it to be mine again.

Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant is very neat in one sense. I mean, part of me still can’t believe that there actually is a little girl life inside there, growing along of her accord. (You’d think the kicks, rolls and pushes I feel – and yes, the heartbeat I hear each and every time at the midwife’s office – would be a sign.) But the other part of me is ready to be done with this stage. I’m already mentally thinking ahead, on to the next part where our baby is actually with us (and outside of me!). I know, I know. Patience is a virtue. But I’m a little worried that my ‘trapped inside my own body’ feelings will likely get a little worse before they get better. Egads.

The good news is that we’re getting ready. We’re getting baby gear, furniture, clothes, you name it. Friends have been good to us and we’ve gotten some nice items and some great advice. The baby’s room is getting there and I feel like our preparations are making headway. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but we’re coming along. It’s hard to teach a mid-30’s childless couple a few new tricks! But we’re learning…

5 thoughts on “7 weeks to go

  1. Sounds like you are all ready for the new addition to the family..be prepared for some sleepless nights when baby arrives,:-) and try to nap in the day when baby sleeps!!! Can’t wait. (ocean)


  2. Oh goodness – it is getting close!Sounds like you are doing all you can to prepare for your little girl’s arrival. (her handmade gifts is nearly finished – in case you are wondering what is up with your prize)I have heard from a lot of new Moms that the #1 thing to do before your baby arrives is to get as much sleep as possible. I am sure that is easier said than done!Take care.


  3. Hi Beth, It’s getting exciting. I really hope you’ll find a moment to post and let your blogging pals know when your little one arrives. The cardigan you knitted is beautiful.


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