A year in review

Thanks to Karen for the idea on blogging the last year in review. Here are some of the milestones and minor miracles I experienced in 2007…

January 2007
Went to Palm Springs, California with my husband and Mom and Dad. I love travelling with my parents (and my husband, of course!).

Started learning how to run with the Frontrunner’s 10K training clinic, after many years of protesting, “I don’t run!”.

February 2007
Celebrated hubby’s birthday. He’s slightly younger than I am so I always love it when he appears to ‘catch up’.

March 2007
Ran my first 5K race, the Bazan Bay run in Sidney. I ran the whole thing straight, which I didn’t expect to do at all!

Took a great writing course at Camosun College.

April 2007
I did it! I ran my first 10K race – the Times Colonist 10K held here in Victoria. It was exhilarating.

Found a Restless Legs Syndrome support group in Victoria which brought home the fact that I’m not alone in dealing with this annoyance! (I never went again, but it was neat to know the group existed.)

Started golf lessons. (I wish I could now remember what I learned!)

May 2007

Celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Boy, time flies when you’re having fun!

Husband went to Halifax for a month, but Mom visited during the time he was gone and we went up island for a night to visit the trees of Cathedral Grove. So majestic!

Started going to Meet the Chef nights at Muffet & Louisa. It has become a somewhat regular occurrence.

Went to physio for knee problems due to running. Grrr…

June 2007
We gave away our cat to a loving home. Sad but I’m much less stressed for it, to be sure.

We found out I was pregnant! (Decided to stop running for a while.)

Saw the Yarn Harlot speak in Victoria. She’s fantastically hilarious!

July 2007
Said goodbye to friends who moved to Naples, Italy for a few years.

August 2007
Said goodbye to friends who moved to Kingston, Ontario.

Had a lovely night’s getaway stay on Saltspring Island with hubby.

Started an African drumming class with a friend.

Mom and Dad came for a visit and we broke the news about baby-to-be. They were thrilled (and just a little surprised!).

Had a night’s stay in Parksville with hubby for a friend’s wedding.

September 2007
Went camping for the first time since high school with hubby and two of our dear friends. Good news – I liked it (despite the rain)!

Husband left town to participate in a major cycling charity event. I was so proud of him.

Flew to Ontario to spend a week with family and friends.

October 2007
Lived life!

November 2007
Celebrated my birthday at one of the best lounges in Victoria: the Bengal Lounge at the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

Attended swanky winter ball for hubby’s work.

December 2007
Tried acupuncture for the first time! Loving it…

Saw the 12 Days of Christmas event at the Butchart Gardens for the first time. I hadn’t been to the Gardens since I was a kid.

Went to Kelowna for Christmas with hubby’s family.

Looked back at the year in review. Lots of good things happened to me this year…I’m very blessed indeed. I hope you are too.

2 thoughts on “A year in review

  1. Hi Beth, you’ve really inspired me today as I’ve had the post Christmas blues and am struggling with the ‘flu. What a great idea to look back on all you’ve/I’ve achieved in the past year.


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