Knit, knit, knit

Almost two years ago now I learned how to knit. I took a very good class with a very good teacher and experienced a very good run of knit mania. Oh man, was I hooked! I knit and knit and knit, and I even read books about knitting. And then, after a while, I didn’t knit so much anymore.

These days I knit a little, here and there, and enjoy it when I can. I’ve been working on a couple of baby sweaters and am oh-so-close to finishing one. Well I finished the knitting part months ago, it’s just the making up that I’ve been stalling on. I really hate sewing in ends, stitching together pieces, that sort of stuff. My beautiful little pink sweater for baby-to-be is now done, and just needs buttons. I must say, I’m quite proud of it. I’ll show it to you when I find (and sew on!) the buttons. It could be another week or two.

Now that a babe is on the way and currently hanging out in my ever-growing belly, I have more of a reason to knit. Soon I’ll have a tiny little being in my house that grows so much, she will need knitted things every year. This is inspiring…

4 thoughts on “Knit, knit, knit

  1. Hi Beth, I have been enjoying catching up with your blog. Especially nice to hear your pregnancy thoughts. Lovely. Brought back some memories for me. My first son was born in February, so I was at a similar stage of pregnancy at this time of year. It’s so exciting. I’ve been rubbish at blogging. There’s too much competition in this house for the computer. 4 people and one computer. I’m hoping for a laptop for Christmas, so hope to be back blogging in the New year. XXX


  2. I don’t know anyone who likes piecing or weaving in ends! In fact, until just a little while ago I only wove in ends if the knitting was for someone else. Shhh!The sweater is going to be adorable. It will be worth all the work. What fun to look ahead and think of all the handknits you can make for you own child!


  3. How exciting to be able to knit for your very own little creation. It is always amazing to me how a person is created, it’s almost magical.I love the pink sweater and I look forward to seeing it on the new member of your family.


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