Moving on

My parents finally did it – they sold their house and moved out. After quite a long time of experiencing ‘For Sale’ signs, open houses and walk-throughs, they found a purchaser and the day came. It’s a big, beautiful home, but it’s in a small town. It took a little while for the right people to come along.

This was the home that I grew up in – well, since I was 2. That’s a big deal. I’m sad that I won’t ever be able to walk unannounced in that front door, swim in the pool, lounge in the back living room that was the ‘new addition’ so many years ago. I could walk blindfolded through that house and know nearly every nook and cranny. I grew up with it, and now it’s gone. I will mourn a little that home – it will seem strange never to go there again. I hope its new owners care for it as lovingly as my parents did. We had such good years there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for my parents. This is so good for them, a little purging and a little downsizing. Their new home is going to be smaller, yet still beautiful. They will make it their own. They may miss their old home but they are change-resilient people. I know they are excited about this transition and the adventures that lay ahead.

I’m looking forward to making wonderful new memories in their new house. There will be a lot of them I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. I know what you mean. My parents moved out of our family home when I lived in France so I never said an official goodbye to the house I lived in for 20 years. When I lived in Glasgow I used to drive by it and fantasise about what it looked like inside.Happy Christmas by the way 🙂


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