The alien

Many weeks ago I had an ultrasound for my pregnancy. It was an exciting day … not only did we get to peer inside my belly and get a confirmation that, yes, something actually is in there (!), we found that that something is actually a little baby girl. Oh, isn’t technology an amazing thing these days? The tech said he would be “very very surprised” if our babe turned out to be a boy at delivery, so we’ll see if he’s right or not! Of course, either sex would have been completely wonderful, but the planner in me just likes to know who the heck is in there so I can do a little preparing.

Nothing prepared me, however, for viewing the ultrasound pics that were produced during the visit. We paid the $10 fee and came out with a roll of eight or nine pictures of la baby. What pictures they were! While the ultrasound was going on, we thought some of the moving images on the screen were pretty strange-looking, but nothing is as strange as the static images that we left with that day. Mon Dieu! A few people wanted to see the photos, but we haven’t gotten around to scanning them in and emailing them out yet. To be honest, I’m not sure how people would react to this much … information! What we have is a roll of very weird-looking little shots of our teensy little girl, and in one pic in particular she looks downright alien-ish skeletal. We wondered: should we scare the you-know-what out of people by emailing around these skin-and-bones shots? Better to see her in action on the screen during the ultrasound I think. The ones we have here just don’t the little one justice (and really, people do still want to sleep at night, I’m sure!).

So, for now, no one has laid eyes upon those photos except for my hubby and I. It might just stay that way considering sometime soon there will be an actual baby to pass around! I’m at 29 weeks, so time is a ticking. Feb 28 (or thereabouts) will be here before we know it.

Let’s hope the baby has gained a little fat by that time. I’m sure she’ll be much more photogenic at birth, or at least a few days after! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The alien

  1. A little girl! Congratulations!!It is something how they can tell you but then there is still that 10% chance….Those early ultrasound pictures are a little eery aren’t they?


  2. Thanks for giving us a up-date Beth and it is a girl!!!!….but you never know…so it is Feb. 28 and I hope you will post right before you go in and tell us you are in labour!!!


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