A new addiction

I have a confession to make: I have a new addiction. Many of you have already probably used it, but for me last month was the first time.

It’s called eBay!

It all started a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out how to add in pieces of my china collection without breaking the bank. After checking the prices of some of the china pieces online with regular stores, I suddenly thought about eBay. What a discovery! With the Canadian dollar so high now against the U.S. dollar, it’s the ideal time for Canadians to shop online with eBay. (Sorry, I hate to sound like an advertisement for eBay but I’m just so excited to get a good deal!)

Take, for instance, the savings that I just realized on this covered vegetable dish: This item is currently on sale for $372.60 through a store in Vancouver (that has their prices listed online). In Ontario this dish is retailing for $465.75. Guess what I paid for this little gem, my friends? CAD$170!!

I’m overcome with excitement (well, I’m excited as someone can be about hideously expensive china I guess!) and can’t wait to ‘win’ some more. Just to prove where this one came from…here’s some of the packing paper that the dish came in:

Yep, you guessed it, it’s the Japanese sports pages! Love it. What a way to start my Tuesday…

6 thoughts on “A new addiction

  1. That is fantastic! And doesn’t it arrive way faster than you would expect?Just wait until you check out the knitting/spinning sections…oooh and don’t you need to shop for baby things?E-bay Bonanza!!


  2. Hi Beth, I have bought and sold quite a bit on e-bay. It’s great. We sold a computer desk for £10 to someone a few streets away from us (we were going to take it to the tip) and bought a cabin bed for our youngest from someone in the next town. You can put in your postcode and just get things up that are close to you. Haven’t e-bayed for a while though. Another thing that waxes and wanes. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I accidentally deleted it, but just wanted you to know I had read it.


  3. I know miss scarlett, we already bought a stroller on e-bay and saved $100! Ah, the feeling.Sarah, thanks for letting me know about the deleted comment. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but you never know! It’s neat that you’re a fellow eBayer! Thanks for posting you two.


  4. Ah dear old ebay. I started using ebay in about 2001 when you could still get some real bargains on it and it was mostly people selling their unwanted stuff. You need a bit more patience these days to get a bargain. I got seriously addicted to buying cross stitch booklets at one time!


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