A reminder to me…enjoy the city more!

I feel like every time I post now, I have an excuse for why I haven’t posted! Life has been busy … but I think that also I haven’t been making much time to make sure I do things that are interesting enough to blog about for other people. A good reminder for me! I’m the one who said I was going to try and blog so that I made sure to appreciate this beautiful city in which I live. I think after being back here for two years I just may be starting to take it for granted. Not good! So I shall endeavour to get ‘out and about’ a bit more to be a tourist in my own hometown, and appreciate where I live.

Life as a pregnant person has been treating me well. I haven’t had any of the ‘morning’ sickness that I’ve heard about all my life, that is touted in the movies as something that will definitely happen. I felt a little tired and a little hungry for 2-3 weeks, and after that, not much other than just feeling normal and watching my belly grow. I’ve been lucky I think. I’m just getting to the point (half way through the pregnancy now) where people might look at me and know that I’m pregnant, not just think that I’ve had too many caramel sundaes! I’m not sure how you all feel about pictures of pregnant bellies, but I’m not a fan … so you’ll never see me put a pic of THAT burgeoning monstronsity here on my blog!

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday…I’m off to see the Nylons in Victoria this afternoon and will give you an update in a day or two to let you know how they were. I hear they’re great!

6 thoughts on “A reminder to me…enjoy the city more!

  1. Great to hear things are going well with the pregnancy. Big bellies? I’m not sure. I do think it’s a step forward that women can be proud of them rather than 20/30 years ago when you had to hide your “condition”!


  2. I was like you. I didn’t want to have photos of a belly full of baby growing. I see so many others do that and think how can they want to do that? Everyone’s different, I guess. You do what’s comfortable for you. You are lucky, no morning sickness!! I had it for six months, both pregnancies.


  3. Hi Beth,Glad to hear everything is going well. It’s such a special time being pregnant. It’s nice to be reminded of it. Also interesting to read what you said about being a tourist in your own town. I too feel I have become a bit complacent about where I live. Time to explore.


  4. That is wonderful that your pregnancy is going so smoothly.You know, I find that little people really help you get out and about and see new aspects of the place you live in (and I only work with them – none of my own yet). Your blog will be so full soon – even without pregnant belly shots! 🙂


  5. Thanks for commenting everyone! I’ve been a bit quiet lately but hope to kick up the pace with posting. Nice to ‘see’ you all online here. Thanks!


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