Camping convert

We went camping on the long weekend of September, something I hadn’t done for about, oh, 15 years. For years we had been talking about getting camping equipment, but we just never really got around to it. There was always something else to spend our money on, you know? My husband had been camping a bit with “the boys”, but that was the type of camping I just wasn’t into: grabbing a tarp, some meat, some beer, and plunging into the bush! No, sirree … I need a few more creature comforts. So car camping we went, with some good friends. It was great.

Now I’m a convert to my most excellent sleeping bag from Mountain Equipment Co-op (I actually looked forward to going to bed in it every night!), our Coleman propane camp stove (gas kind of scares me, but I learned it was very easy to light) and eating gourmet while sitting around a campfire (oh we had some good meals that weekend!). Call me a camping convert now, but just don’t expect to see me out there every weekend. Prepping for camping was hard work! Also, I think my burgeoning belly will keep me away from our thermarests and tent for the rest of this year.

But next summer we might try it again … the two of us, plus one!

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