Miss Potter

Oh what a long hiatus it’s been from my blog! We’ve been refinishing our floors and our computer has been under wraps for days. The sawdust has finally (almost) cleared, and so now I can get back to things.

Last night my other half was working so it was a good opportunity to sit down with a rented movie that I know he’d thank me for sparing him from – Miss Potter. I had decided not to wait for this one to come in at the library since I was 180th in line on the hold list – I think it would have been 2010 by the time my name came up for that one – and shelled out a few sheckles at my local video store for the DVD.

Miss Potter did not disappoint. I thought the whole cast was good and really enjoyed the story. I even watched most of the movie again with the director’s comments overlaid – something I usually cannot abide doing because it’s so tedious. But Beatrix Potter’s life is captivating; she is a modern-day woman who just happened to have been born into the 19th century.

Beatrix’s tales were an accompaniment to my growing up, and in fact I have schlepped my collection of her little books from city to city through my multitude of moves since I left home. I suppose this has all been in anticipation of having a little rabbit of my own one day that I could read her stories to. Her classic tales transcend the generations.

Here’s a shot of my small (literally!) collection:

I highly recommend this movie if you know anything at all about Beatrix Potter and read her stories growing up, or even if you haven’t the foggiest clue who she was. It’s an interesting look at a hero of days gone by, a hero in more ways than one.

6 thoughts on “Miss Potter

  1. I was wondering what you were up to. I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter or Miss Potter also. I have a few of the books I have cherished for years. I am not sure why? I either wanted to be her or be like her or something about her writing captivated me. I did not know about the movie so thanks I will go look for it. Nice that you are back.


  2. Interesting to read that you enjoyed Miss Potter. I was keen to watch then a couple of friends said that it was really schmaltzy and a load of rubbish – which put me off. But I might hire the DVD now.I loved her books when I was a kid and have done lots of Beatrix Potter cross stitch.


  3. Miss Potter eh? I’ll have to check it out. Her books are wonderful.Thank you for your note about my kitty. I am starting to feel a bit better, but it is a very strange sensation not having a cat in the house.


  4. Hi Beth, I can’t believe I’ve never read any Beatrix Potter books. My boys a are probably a bit old for them now, but the film sounds good. I will put on my list of films to see. 🙂 Hope you are well.


  5. Loved your post, especially the wording “little rabbit of my own”. Such a cute way to express the thought and exactly matches the theme of Potter’s books.We haven’t rented the movie yet and don’t know when we will but I hope to remember it.See you in 10 days!


  6. I love those precious books. I didnt’ realize it was on video already (here I am dating myself again. Likely it is on dvd)Thanks for the heads up.Love your collection for when you have your ‘own little rabbit’.


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