Organic Islands Festival

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Organic Islands Festival, held at Glendale Gardens in Victoria (yesterday and today both). I was there manning a booth for a non-profit society that I volunteer with, not a bad job on a sunny Saturday afternoon in a picturesque setting.

If you haven’t been, Glendale Gardens is a nature-lover’s oasis perched on the side of a hill just outside of town. It used to be called the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. Of course it’s a lovely venue for weddings and I passed a bride and groom and their wedding party on their way in as I was on my way out for the day.

Here’s a shot of that lovely beauty:

And I captured just some of the many, many tents of wonderful organic wares down in the valley area:

If you live in the Victoria area and haven’t visited this place, I recommend you make a stop. Not only do they have beautiful gardens, they have courses on gardening as well. I took a ‘growing vegetables’ course there this past year and came home with broccoli starts that just gave me my first crop out of my veggie garden!

5 thoughts on “Organic Islands Festival

  1. I just came across your blog by hitting “next blog” and I find it wonderful to read about other parts of Canada. I will in Vancouver last spring with my then 9 month old and planned on getting to Victoria but unfortunately never made it.The gardens look amazing and your post has enticed me to make the trip west again so visit Victoria for certain this time!!!Dina


  2. I just clicked on the link to Glendale Gardens and found exceptional pictures. What a lovely place. Have you taken us there? Neither of us remember it, if we have been. Somewhere else to go, eh?


  3. It sounds like a great event. It’s a shame I missed it this year. I hope it’s on again next year, then I can book some time off work and attend.


  4. Hi Beth —We had just been out and seen the Glendale Gardens a few weeks ago. It rained after we got there so no photos but it was beautiful. Your pictures are lovely.


  5. Dina – come and visit! It’s beautiful here. Yes, to the others…Glendale Gardens is a beautiful place. Worth a visit for sure.


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