Babies, babies everywhere

It’s been incredibly long since I wrote about knitting. Yes, I’ve been doing it, but I’ve just been knitting pretty boring stuff. After several baby blankets flew (well, not that fast) off my needles, for the last little while I’ve been making a baby sweater. Since I’m still a relatively new knitter (I just started to knit early last year) this has been quite a feat for me. This is what the project currently looks like. I’m almost there!

I know, it currently looks pretty dull, but trust me – in a few days it will be a sweater! I’ll post a finished pic when I’m done.

You may have noticed the baby knitting theme? Well it seems bunches of friends of mine are all having babies. Babies need knitted items do they not? My next small project will be to find a cute pattern for a strawberry-patterned hat. So baby cliché, I know. But they’re so cute!

7 thoughts on “Babies, babies everywhere

  1. This is the one you were doing when I was there, isn’t it?I love getting to the putting together part. So much fun seeing your final product.


  2. I wish I could knit Beth but it takes so much patience and I have none. I love to see knitted sweet baby things though and hand knitted gifts are wonderful.


  3. It looks beautiful Beth and it’s so meaningful to have things that are handmade. I have a really treasured photograph of James when he was just a few days old dressed in a cardigan and bonnet that someone had knitted for him. I admire your patience.


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