Canada Day celebrations

I just didn’t seem to be able to get online yesterday, so I’m a day late with a Canada Day celebratory post. Canada turned 140 yesterday and, as usual, Victoria (the capital city of the province of British Columbia) celebrated the day in style. Crowds and crowds of people packed into the Inner Harbour last night to revel and take in the fireworks. Friends and I found a perfect table for three at the Blackfish Cafe, next to the Harbour Air terminal, where we watched the show with a great view. (The cappuccino and carrot cake weren’t bad either!)

The shot above is of the Inner Harbour, with a particularly festive sail on someone’s boat. Yes, it’s our Canadian flag, looking a little funny in its not-rectangular style!

I’m fiercely proud of my country in a quiet way. I think most Canadians are. The more I travel the more I’m so extremely happy to be living here. We have a pretty great country. Vive le Canada!

4 thoughts on “Canada Day celebrations

  1. I think that it’s cool that Canada Day celebrations are so close to America’s Fourth of July (Independence Day) celebrations. I love watching the bursting umbrellas of fireworks. I am one of the “aahhs” and “ooohh”-ers. πŸ™‚


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