An end and a beginning

This morning at 10am, I said goodbye to my cat. We gave him away to another loving family. This was not an easy decision, nor one that we took lightly. It was, perhaps, one that we had seen coming for a while now but I especially had refused to look at straight in the face. I suppose I finally mustered up the courage. It was time for us to part ways with Calvin.

Those of you that know me personally will know some of the complex story and the trying times we had, but no one except my husband and I can really understand how much we tried to do everything in our power to accommodate him and fit him into our lives and love and provide for him. We had so many good times with him … but they did come at a cost. We just became so tired of what we had to do to be with him. It was enough.

If you know me you may or may not know that I’m quite sensitive at the core. This was hard for me. My heart has been breaking in pieces these past few days, but I think now it can finally start to mend.

I have to believe that we did the right thing, and that his new owners will be kind and loving to him. They will continue letting him outside, which was a recent decision of ours and a good one. This has made him so happy. If only we’d figured this all out sooner.

So what is an end for us is a new beginning for him. I’m sad but it was time. I have had to let you go, Calvin, but you will stay in my heart forever.

4 thoughts on “An end and a beginning

  1. Hi Beth — I think you did a very courageous and painful thing when you had to find a new home for Calvin — I will miss his pictures but I know it is for the best for him and for you also. You will feel better about it in time dear.


  2. Thanks everyone for posting. It’s been a hard time. I’m pretty sensitive about this stuff and I love animals. I just have to believe that we did the right thing. Nice to have your words of encouragement!


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