Best neighbours, teaching again and a coup with Calvin

It’s time for another Three Beautiful Things post, I think. So much has been happening lately, writing this post will help me stop and get off my fast-revolving world for a little while I think!

1. We have the best neighbours on all sides of us. They’re all so friendly and have welcomed us so well to the neighbourhood since we moved. In particular, one older gentleman loves making trips to the workyard where yard waste is dumped, and so he takes ours! As people without a truck, we find that little gesture immensely helpful.

2. I was just booked to teach another two blogging courses in town in the fall – how exciting! It will be interesting to see if there is more interest. Is blogging gaining momentum?

3. We’ve been having trouble with our cat recently (again) and we’re at our wit’s end. We decided to try letting him outdoors and so far, so good. He doesn’t have front claws so I’m sure this is against some people’s better judgement but a friend told us she did this and it worked like a charm. What do we have to lose? His recent problem is spraying, which is something I cannot abide, and the other alternatives are not pretty. He seems to be taking to it so far, but wish us continued luck!

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