Meet the chef

This week a friend and I attended a “Meet the Chef” night at a local Victoria cookware store called Muffet & Louisa. I’m always up for doing something fun and unique and since this event involved both food and shopping for cookware (two of my favourite things), when my friend asked me to go with her, I was in! It was my first time going to this event, which apparently happens once a month at the downtown Muffet & Louisa store. A chef from a local restaurant is invited in to prepare meals in front of the guests, who get to sample the food. Our chef was Corey Jessup of Vista 18, an 18th floor restaurant in the Chateau Victoria hotel.

I’ve been to Vista 18 several times with friends, but we’ve only just ever gone for drinks and to listen to the live music. It’s a great spot but I had not ever gone for dinner. Well, that’s going to change … Chef Jessup’s meals were delightful. Not only were they delicious, but Jessup explained how he tries to source as many foods as locally as possible. Music to my ears!

The chef explained what he was doing and a little bit about the food he was using as he prepared it in front of our eyes. And it did taste good. Afterwards, we were treated to hand massages by some local massage therapists and of course got a little shopping in!

It was just something fun to do in the city. It never amazes me just what’s going on in Victoria … and now I can’t wait to meet next month’s chef!

2 thoughts on “Meet the chef

  1. I’m sure I can find other things to do too … there is so much! Isn’t it funny how a lot of great things revolve around food?


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