For my own and mothers everywhere

I got a Mother’s day card over email this week. This was a very nice thought on someone’s part, except for just one tiny little niggling thing.

I’m not a mom.

Well, if you count cats, then OK. But otherwise, not so much.

So the praise on this day should actually go out to real mothers, for doing what you do. And in particular, to my own mom, without whom I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Apparently I used to cry when my mom would take me to buy shoes when I was little, I was that shy. Now, I make presentations to large groups of people for part of the work that I do. Who would’ve thought? Mom. I think she always knew just what I had the potential to do.

For all mothers who love their children everywhere, thank you! Until I join your ranks, I’ll just keep taking care of this guy:

Happy Mother’s Day!

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