Could I do it?

I’m not really fond of small spaces. I wouldn’t say that I am claustrophic, per se, but I definitely prefer large spaces over small ones. I once got locked in a friend’s small 2-piece bathroom for a few minutes and had to get rescued after calling out weakly for help. I didn’t like it! It wasn’t until that moment that I found out that small spaces aren’t exactly my cup of tea.

That’s why I’m filled with nothing but admiration for people that attempt the sport of caving. They must be the ones born with the I’m-OK-with-being-trapped-somewhere gene, unlike old scaredypants here. I discovered a few of these brave souls online today while searching for something to do up island with my mom next week. I happened upon the website of Horne Lake Caves and clicked through to an episode of the Knowledge Network’s TV series called Wild at Heart in which the participants go caving. (It’s strange – I just heard about this show last night and here I was stumbling across it today.) It’s a BC show that aims to get BC’ers off of their couches and out into our own beautiful BC backyard. Horne Lake Caves is located on Vancouver Island.

What an adventure! The participants crawled and shimmied and rappelled their way around some beautiful cave nooks and crannies. They supported each other and – even though they admitted they were scared – got through some tight spots to see what looked like some amazing sights.

While the thought of going through what they went through gives me quite the little shudder, I must admit that I’m still intrigued. Are caves the last untouched wilderness? I think I could be up for the task, but is Mom? Let’s see what Beader Girl says when she arrives here on Monday!

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