Playing a little

I’ve been so busy lately. I feel like I haven’t had time to slow down for a while. It’s my own fault, of course. I’ve been running from job to job, trying to keep everything in order. I have managed, though, to squeeze in a visit to the theatre (Our Town with a dear friend), an attendance at a wonderful volunteer appreciation event (at one of the places that I work) and a run with my new running group from the 10K training clinic that I took. Still, the days and weeks have been going by too fast.

So today it was time to stop and smell the roses. Here’s a Three Beautiful Things post to mark the day.

1. I put on my new straw sunhat that I bought in Palm Springs in January and went out into the garden today for 3 hours. I was supposed to be working from home, but – yay! – didn’t actually have much work to do so got to ‘play’ a little. What a treat. I watered, I weeded, I planted. I’m trying to get a vegetable garden going even though I don’t really know what I’m doing. There’s something to be said for trying, though, right? I put in some flowers that hopefully will be coral/peach coloured and beautiful when they bloom. The sun shone down so hard and warm that I worked in my t-shirt quite comfortably. It felt right.

2. My West Wing 6th Season DVD came in at the library so I luxuriously sat down to watch it tonight. The episodes were so good that I watched all four of them right in a row! That was many hours of TV which I definitely hardly ever do at one time, but it was time, you know? I think my brain needed a little rest for a change.

3. I’m knitting a beautiful baby sweater for someone’s baby that is yet to be born into the world. When I proudly finished the right front piece today I realized it looked exactly like the left front; I had definitely made a mistake somewhere along the way. I put it in a drawer to come back to it later, knowing that I had lost probably an hour’s worth of work. But it didn’t bother me. I know I’ll go back to it, rip it out and figure out went wrong. And a little baby will eventually look smashing in that sweater … someday!

3 thoughts on “Playing a little

  1. I am stopping by, courtesy of Ocean.We loved West Wing, and were SO sad when the series went off the air. Although, I admit, it did lose some punch after Aaron Sorkin stopped directing & writing. Another knitter! I knit, but have never tried a baby sweater. My specialty is blankets–takes a long time, but they are very cuddly.


  2. Thanks for stopping by kgmom. It’s nice to see a new face around here. My parents got me on to watching West Wing and we love it! Amazingly, I never watched the show much while it was on TV, but am slowly working through the DVDs from the library, so I don’t know how the series ends!I have been knitting baby blankets for my friends who are having babies so I can relate to your blanket knitting! See here for my specialty baby blanket … Thanks for posting you two!


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