Blogging in the classroom

A few months ago I mentioned that the course on Blogging that I was supposed to teach at a local community centre got cancelled due to low registration. I wondered at that time, was Victoria not ready for a course on blogging yet?

Well, apparently it is now.

The course was advertised again by the same centre, and tomorrow I’ll be teaching my first Blogging course to a small group of students. Do you think those individuals will catch the blogging ‘bug’? I have no doubt!

It’s actually been quite interesting preparing to teach this course … I’ve even discovered a couple of interesting new blogs along the way. I’m really looking forward to this class … imagine getting paid to blog!

5 thoughts on “Blogging in the classroom

  1. That is so interesting about you teaching a class on blogging – I wish I had taken a course before I started as I still am such a baby blogger!! Good for you to start this and I am just wondering – could you occasionally give us newbies some pointers on blogging in your blog perhaps – just a wacky idea. I never can find helpful sites about blogging.


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