A free afternoon

I feel quite luxurious today as I’ve taken the afternoon off of work. All I’m doing (at the moment) is sipping a mug of hot chocolate and catching up on my blog reading. What’s everyone doing out there? Today I’m finding out.

Feel-good Librarian has posted a lovely audio clip of herself thanking her readers for getting her blog hits to over 100,000. I just love FGL’s posts about the clients that come into her library.

Susan at Farmgirl Fare has posted a sweet picture of Cary (her lamb-child) and a recipe for Caramelized Beets (who knew a person could love beets so much?) 🙂

Ocean is talking about her love of photographing wildlife, especially eagles.

Sara is taking a hiatus to the beach. Come back soon!

Mo has posted some pictures of hillwalking in Scotland – looks beautiful. Too bad Alan fell in the water!

And no doubt there are many more of you having wonderful, relaxing days out there just like myself. Have a fantastic Tuesday afternoon everyone!

I know I will…

3 thoughts on “A free afternoon

  1. Hi Beth (and Mo also) – thanks so much for the mention there Beth. I am such a slow blog learner – I have just found out what the link thing is. I will be a much better blogger soon I hope!! I really love this community of bloggers we have. I pop in and out of each blog and see my friends writings and thoughts. You always surprise me with a new kind of post that I would never think of!! Cheers.


  2. Mo, I guess I wasn’t reading your post properly was I? Sorry! It sounded like a funny time at any rate. Ocean thanks for your nice comments. I’m sure you’ve come a long way in your blogging since you started and don’t even realize it!


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