In the motherhood

The only sitcom I have the time and the inclination to watch these days on TV is King of Queens. I love Kevin James and Leah Remini and both my husband and I think that the situations “Doug” and “Carrie” get up to in each episode can get pretty true-to-life. James and Remini both are great actors and very funny.

That’s why I was interested to hear that Leah Remini is going to be starring in a new web series called In The Motherhood about the real-life stresses of modern moms. This series will feature ‘webisodes’ based on stories submitted by moms across the country, and the first webisode will air on the Ellen Degeneres show on May 11. (Just in time for Mother’s Day…)

Now I’m not a mom myself but I happen to know a few, and I even have one myself. And so I know that many of you out there have hilarious and incredible stories to tell the rest of us about being a mom. And aren’t many of you amazing writers? Come out, come out, wherever you are…

Check out In The Motherhood and show us what you’ve got. Nothing’s harder than being a mom, right? Why don’t you tell the rest of us just what it’s like? You never know, Leah Remini may be soon be acting out your little scene online for all to see.

Check out Remini in this clip below to learn more … and get writing!

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