What the week brought

I have now resurfaced from my overwhelming workload of the past week and admit that I’ve been neglecting my blog. But something else has happened too to keep me away. I’ve discovered Facebook.

Haven’t heard of this social utility that connects people? You will. Sooner or later you’re going to get several annoying emails from your friends about it, like I did. You’ll wonder what this strange-sounding thing is all about and giving in to the mounting pressure, you’ll join. Then, as a friend of mine said on my “wall” (don’t worry, you’ll learn what that means eventually), “quit your job, leave your husband … Facebook is now your life … trust me … I’m so sorry!”

And she was right!

I am consistently in awe of how technology makes this oh-so-big world seem smaller and smaller every day. If you want to be found, you can be. If you want to connect, there are unlimited possibilities. Facebook is the best I’ve seen yet.

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