Blogging pals

I used to have two pen pals, one in France and one in Austria. I may have had more pen pals in my life but these are the two that I remember. I mean this was back in the day when the Internet didn’t exist, and of course email didn’t either. Remember letters? This is what we wrote back then.

Isn’t blogging a little like having pen pals? It appears there are a few of us who read each other’s blogs regularly and comment on them. I like it. Even though I haven’t met any of you in person, I still feel that we have a connection to each other. Naturally, we are linked due to our interest in blogging, but then we discover other things that we have in common too, don’t we? An interest in photography, walking to beautiful places, birds in our yards, what’s going on with our families. Pets, nice moments, hobbies. Things that we appreciate in life. Activities we’re up to. I’ve found my particular blogging community to be very positive and friendly.

And so it was a wonderful moment when I recently received a small package in the mail from one of my blogging friends. I knew something was coming but I had no idea what it was. When I opened it up, I thought it was the perfect gift. This blogging pal is also a runner – something I’ve become just this year – and she sent me a CD of her favourite running songs. So nice. What a kind gesture from someone who lives hundreds of miles away.

Many of the songs were a surprise since I hadn’t heard of a few of the artists before. Isn’t that wonderful? This little gift opened up my eyes to another small world of music that I hadn’t previously known. What are they listening to in this far away land? This CD gave me some indication.

In particular, I hadn’t heard of the band called Scissor Sisters but their song on the CD sounded like it was from the 70’s. I discovered that the band is actually American and that song was produced last year, and it’s been quite a hit in the UK. Intriguing! It’s interesting how an American band can totally bypass the local music scene and become a hit in another country. We’re just starting to hear this song being played here in Canada now.

I’ve added all the CD’s songs into my beloved iPod Shuffle and got a kick start when running to “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” just yesterday morning. Thanks blogging pal! You have opened up my eyes to more music and more inspiration for my runs. (Hint: Expect a return gift in the mail very soon!)

We don’t send many letters any more, do we? I do miss that a little bit. But I think blogging may just be one step better.

3 thoughts on “Blogging pals

  1. That’s what I love about blogging. I feel as if I’m part of a little blogging community – I like to see what my blog pals have been up to and get regular comments in my own blog. I feel everyone is so supportive of each other – even though, as you say, we’ve never met.Your CD sounds great and I can guess who sent it!


  2. Nice post Beth! Happy listening. I agree with you and Mo about the supportive and positive comments from other bloggers. I think it is so important to surround ourselves with positive people who will uplift our spirits. This is true in our blogging world as much as in the ‘real’ world. Blogging is like having pen pals isn’t it. Maybe not that much changes over time. We all still have a desire to reach out to to others, and to connect with people. Even if the technology changes.


  3. hi mo and sara – isn’t our blogging community great? i have surprised myself that i’ve kept it up for so long, but it’s so fun…


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