Making the grade

My apologies, blog readers! Computer problems have plagued me for several weeks and just this week the computer gods fixed them. I now return to more regular blogging…

I like this writing thing. In fact, it’s why I started this blog. I wanted to get more practice (and practice I’ve gotten) but I knew it was time to get some education in the craft too. I signed up for a community college course recently on writing and these past three weeks of it have been a pleasure.

Tonight, though, my pleasure increased dramatically. Last week we handed in copies of an article we had written to the instructor for feedback. She gave them back out to us tonight, with comments.

There I was, waiting for mine to be passed back to me, listening to the instructor speak about the articles of the other students. She gave verbal comments for each as she walked around the room, handing them back. When mine came to the top of her pile, she stopped.

“Beth, can I read yours aloud to the class?”

Aunt Jemima! I was shocked that mine was one of the chosen (three) to be read aloud. What can I say? It pleased me.

Watch out Moss Rock Review readers, that article is what I’m publishing in the May issue. I hope my editor for that community magazine will be as complementary as my instructor!

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