I did it!

Do you remember when I first mentioned that I was going to take a running clinic? I was a non-runner and always thought I would be … until one day I changed my mind. I signed up for the 10K training clinic through Frontrunners here in Victoria.

Well, hey, I’ve come a long way since then. This is a scene that I was getting together last night, in preparation for today’s Bazan Bay 5K race. It is so exciting: that’s my first timing chip and my first race number.

And this morning…

I did it! I ran the 5K!

Before the race I was saying, “My goal is just to finish,” and “I’m going to keep up my interval training according to this week’s plan” (which was 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking).

What was I saying? Turns out, I just ran the whole damn thing. It was amazing! I didn’t have to walk once; I just ran, ran, ran.

I think my time was somewhere around 34:00 but – silly me – I forgot to look at the clock at the end because I was so intent on running hard to the finish line and stepping on the electronic mat that tags my chip on my shoe. I’ll have to check out the race website later to see what the actual time was.

I feel good. At this moment in time I’m not too proud to say … yay me! 🙂

(Did I mention that it poured rain the whole time leading up to the race, doing the race, and after the race? That’s Victoria for you!)

6 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Hooray hooray!! Well done Beth. I don’t think anything quite compares to that feeling of finishing your first race. I’m glad you’re proud of yourself, so you should be. X.


  2. Thanks everyone! It’s nice to you all to post words of encouragement. Whoever would have thought coming in 863rd would feel so good! hee hee.


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