Curious email, new drink and great running song

1. Today I got an email from our antispamming software at work. It purposely deleted an email that I got from a friend because it had the word ‘vagina’ in it – yikes! Now, I assure you that this is not a normal topic of conversation for myself and this friend over email. I’m curious to see what the actual message was supposed to be about based on that teaser! I had to email our antispamming address and say, “Yes, I’d actually like that message please…” Strange, but true!

2. I’ve made up a new drink at Starbucks, which even the baristas are commenting on with curiosity (“How’d you come up with that???”). It’s like a “London Fog” but with a twist: a tall, non-fat, Earl Grey tea misto with melon. Yum!

3. One of my new favourite running songs has to be “I Wanna Be Sedated” by the Ramones. Just when I feel a little draggy, this song perks me up so that I feel I can run forever! (Or, ahem, at least until the end of my current interval…)

3 thoughts on “Curious email, new drink and great running song

  1. curious the words that get picked up.someone sent me an email with the word tit that got rejected. Given a Blue Tit is a type of bird….


  2. Hi Beth I’m a bit out of touch with the Starbucks coffee world that’s emerged over recent years and still find it funny. Coffee is just coffee to me. I just ask for a decaff coffee and forget to say black. In my old fashioned world, if you want milk, you add it yourself !! I found it funny a few weeks ago when someone in front of me in the queue at a simple museum coffee shop asked for a decaff regular single latte. I thought what’s wrong with saying white coffee or coffee with milk!PS Your word verification today is VPL!


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