A walk by the lake

I am fortunate enough to live very close to a nature sanctuary and today I decided that it was time to go and pay it a visit. (I am still discovering new places to visit and things to do in Victoria – and it appears that there is no end to the amount of them!)

The day started out cloudy but after I had walked halfway around Swan Lake (a 40 min easy walk) the sun came out and made me hot in my fleece jacket. As usual, I snapped some pics along the way of most things – except the two people with absolutely HUGE telephoto lenses on their cameras who seemed to be there for the same reasons as I. [Ocean, perhaps one of them was you? :-)]

This lake is a tiny one, but sports an abundance of wild fowl of various sorts. Here was my first glimpse:
I always like to see if I can catch sun glinting through something. These trees worked nicely: The curve of this walkway caught my eye: Until the rolling clouds captured it in another direction:
And a Stellar’s jay posed for me for quite a nice little picture:
I spied the nature house on the other side of the lake:
Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is well worth a visit if you’re in the area – and it’s free! I’m going to have to check it out again in the summer when more plant life is about but for a late February day, the view and the walk were still very nice.

3 thoughts on “A walk by the lake

  1. I like the pictures of the walkways in this post and the previous one. I like the imagery of it, stretching into the distance! How’s the running going?


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