Discovering running

I mentioned the other week that I was signing up for a 10K training clinic, so I thought I’d report back on how things were going.

I love it!

I can’t believe I’m saying that! I have never been a runner, and now I think I’m being converted into one. It’s such an easy way to get exercise and I can do it right from my own front steps.

Of course I had to get a few items of cool running gear to make my life easier and to feel more comfortable out there on my runs. I think my husband somehow knew that I was going to do this clinic (even before I knew) because for Christmas he had bought me reflective arm bands and a Shuffle iPod. Both perfect accessories for running!

I used my iPod last night for the first time on a run. I love it! I Googled ‘good songs to run by’ (or something to that effect) and downloaded a bunch of songs to keep me motivated on the run. Last night when Elvis vs. JXL came on (“A Little Less Conversation”), it really got me going. The Shuffle iPod was a great gift – it was something that I didn’t even know that I wanted when I got it. (And it’s so tiny … something else that I like!)

Next week I’m up to two minutes running and one minute walking for 36 minutes. The 5K race at Bazan Bay (mid-way practice for the Times Colonist 10K at the end of April) is in four weeks … I can do it!

4 thoughts on “Discovering running

  1. Very cool! I’m interested that your husband bought you something you didn’t know you needed till you got it. That happens to me so much. Sometimes the people around us know us better that we know ourselves.


  2. Well done Beth. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the running. I am feeling motivated at the moment and have been running 3 x a week. Steve has been running several times a week too. A few months ago we were doing a run/walk programme, but now he’s up to running 1/2 an hour without stopping. I bought him an ipod for Christmas and I think that’s what keeps him going. I keep meaning to post my running playlists on my running blog.


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