Staying in touch, giving a sleeve and lovely wine

It’s time to post some beautiful things, I think. Tonight I’m in the mood to be thankful.

1. I spoke to a friend in Montreal on the phone today who I haven’t talked to for a while and it was so great to hear her voice. I love when you can chat animatedly with friends after not having seem them forever and it is so natural … like you don’t really live that far apart at all. Another friend has moved back from Texas and I’m cherishing her being in town for the time we’ve got her here as well.

2. The other day I ordered my regular tall non-fat sugar-free vanilla Earl Grey tea misto (aka the London Fog) from Starbucks and the barista didn’t give me a sleeve with my cup. As I was looking around for one an old man and a medium-aged man asked me what I needed. When I said I was looking for a sleeve, the second man took the sleeve off of his cup and gave it to me. The old man said, “What a guy!” and I agreed – it was such a nice thing to do.

3. I don’t tend to drink too much these days but I do like a glass of red wine now and then. Tonight I’m having a nice glass of Lindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet from Australia. It was reasonably-priced and is quite tasty. I remember when I didn’t like wine – what was I thinking?

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