Furry feline update

It’s been months since I posted about my favourite furry little friend, Calvin. I took this particularly good picture of him the other day and just had to show it off. If you have pets, you can probably relate – sometimes photos just don’t turn out the way your pet actually looks. Well, this one does. I think his eyes have a sad sort of quizzical look to them. He gets away with a lot of mischievious antics because of his looks. He’s quite handsome and is a little charmer to boot. How can you be mad at that face?

After Calvin’s illness and surgery last summer we put him on cat Prozac for a while. I think our vet saw us coming when we started to explain all Calvin’s behavioural ‘isms’. Now he’s off it and we can tell the difference. He’s back to his old tricks, jumping into cupboards, knocking stuff down. But I just can’t bring myself to drug him up again. He is quite active and needs play. I try to spend more time with him to bring his boredom level down and his excitement level up.

Does anyone else have challenging pets? At some points we’ve been tempted to give him away, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. He’s cute, he’s fun, but he is a handful sometimes. Whoever thought that a cat would be this much work?

6 thoughts on “Furry feline update

  1. Oh Beth I just love, love your kitty Calvin. Please do more stories on him and please do a whole blog about all the trouble he is getting into. He just looks so full of beans!!Cats do have a mind of their own. I don’t have a cat anymore and I love to see photos of them.


  2. Hi Ocean – nice to see you here again. I definitely will post about Calvin again. He gives me so much fodder for my blog with his antics! Search ‘cat capers’ in the categories to read more if you haven’t already…:-)


  3. We have dogs instead of cats, my husband is allergic to cats. The vet told us once that one of our dogs had OCD and the other dog had anxiety disorders. Since we adopt most of the dogs we’ve owned they do come with their problems. We didn’t want to put them on medication either.


  4. Hi Melanie, it sounds like you’re a kindred spirit. My husband wants a dog but honestly with our challenging cat I can’t imagine what problems a dog might come with! I’m just not there yet. šŸ™‚


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