Lochside trail

It was a frosty morning the other day as I struck out for a walk along a nearby trail. The weather has been rough this winter and I haven’t walked as much as I should so it felt good to get out. The day was crisp and I definitely needed a fleece toque to keep my ears warm but it was still a nice walk.

I passed along behind Galey’s Farm, where you can see a pyramid and the sphinx waiting to delight the young and old: And thought this frost-covered bridge was artistic in its own right:
And decided to capture “Roy”, the statue that was donated to the citizens from the Saanich city mayor and council a few years ago. (An interesting concept but to me, he’s kind of scary looking. He was gazing directly at me as I took the picture):
We’re all longing for spring to return to our fair city after the winter we’ve had so far, but I know that it’s just around the corner. Buds are coming out on our trees, and February is the month for the cherry blossoms to show their stuff. Viva la spring!

2 thoughts on “Lochside trail

  1. Hi Beth – love, love your photos today and yesterdays too. It has been cold here in the AM and your photos really capture that mood. Brrrr cheers – ocean


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