Where I was

It’s a funny sort of feeling when you travel when you have a blog.

You miss it!

I was just in Vancouver for several days and I felt the loss of not writing my blog during that time period. Not only did I miss writing, but I wondered, what will my (small but mighty) reader group think? Will they think I’ve forgotten about blogging? Forgotten about them?

Not so my friends. I was just attending to my career, taking a train-the-trainer course at one of my favourite places in the city – Granville Island.

I did manage to snap a couple of shots the first morning of the course when the sun was just trying to push its way up over the horizon of the city. This is looking north east on False Creek standing at the waterfront of the Granville Island Hotel:

And this was in the same spot, a little more north and a little less east:

I’ve told you before how much I love this city. It’s nice to go back once in a while. (PS The course was great!)

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