I’m it (I guess!)

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Sara to talk about ten things that define my style. I don’t know if anyone can do as well as she did on her post, which actually rhymes in coordination with pictures of shoes (brilliant!), but I’ll try. I’m going to use a broad definition of ‘style’ in this post. It’s just a little bit about me…

1. I’ve moved so many times since I left home for university that I’ve gotten really good at keeping my possessions pared down. I’m most definitely not a packrat and love to purge. In fact, every time I watch “What Not to Wear” on TLC, I want to go into my closet and throw some more clothing items away that I don’t really love!

2. After I spoke in front of a group of my peers yesterday, I thought of how much I mull over things I’ve said and the way I’ve said them after the fact. I love speaking in public, but as I’m doing it and afterwards I sometimes think, now why the heck did I say THAT? I wish I wouldn’t be so concerned about how I’m doing when speaking in front of other people. I think I look more confident in front of my peers than I feel sometimes. Why is it harder to speak in front of your peers than complete strangers? Hmm…something to mull over.

3. Sometimes I need time to come around to an idea. I’ve found that with my husband he often suggests something and I’m not so sure about it right away. I might think I don’t agree with him. But, more often than not, after I’ve had a chance to think about things for a while (hours, weeks, months), I often come around to his way of thinking. Am I too cautious? Or do I just like to be in control?

4. Sometimes I feel bad if I occasionally ask friends for favours. But then I think, “Hey, if a friend asked me to do this I would do it for them in a heartbeat. I would offer to do this for them even before they asked me to do it.” And then I try not to feel guilty about asking for the favour or accepting the help. I love my friends.

5. The greatest dilemma in my life (so far) has been making the choice of where to live in Canada. Should I live near my family whom I love in Ontario? Or should I make a life in a city I love, in Victoria with my wonderful husband? I chose the latter, but I think I’ll always feel torn between the two places. Why oh why is Canada so big!? 🙂

6. I love to cook and bake, when I have the time and the energy. I get an organic food box delivered each week (read more about it here) and, although I don’t really enjoy planning what to cook, I relish in the act of actually starting the cooking process. I love it when something is sizzling on the stove or wafting out aromatic smells from the oven. (PS My friend Shelley loves to cook as well – check out her new venture, One Roast Chicken.)

7. I’ve been lucky to have travelled to various parts of the world. I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China (three sections of it!), gone up the Eiffel Tower, seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa, flown over the Grand Canyon in a small plane and walked up to the crumbling remaining section of the Berlin Wall. To name a few! I’ve been quite lucky. Now I’m more settled, which is mostly is a very good thing, but a little piece of me always dreams of where to go next, where to fly away to. I have a lot of places still on my ‘go to’ list!

8. As I walked down the aisle of the church to marry my husband, my love bubbled over and came out as joyful tears. It was embarrassing in a funny way but then again, anyone that knows me well knows that I am a big softie as softies go and can get quite emotional when the moment is right. (PS Walking down that aisle was a good decision … I married a great one!)

9. I should do more exercise. I was quite good at this when I was young and played several sports and was quite active. It slips away very easily over the years though doesn’t it? If you let it? I have. Although I am still at a normal weight (thank goodness!) and do some classes here and there, I absolutely must strike up a regular exercise routine again. Sheesh, Beth, enough procrastinating…

10. I love blogging. I’ve already mentioned this. There’s a great community of bloggers out there in the world and I’m so happy that some of you have come along for my ride. Doesn’t blogging make the world go round? And seem much smaller? Thanks for reading Shades of Bliss and happy blogging!

PS I’d like to tag my fabulous mother, Beader Girl, to share with us her thoughts on her style.

4 thoughts on “I’m it (I guess!)

  1. Lovely post Beth, thanks for doing this tag. I can relate to so many of the things you wrote, but especially the post you referred to on your organic box. We too have an organic box delivered every week and have done for several years. I love the feeling that we’re eating in season and it has really increased my food awareness. Sometimes I have despaired because we have all this lovely veg but I haven’t had time to make things with it. I’m getting better at that though. Eating lots of vegetable soups!


  2. I love the organic veg post too. We get one delivered regularly and at first I used to have to phone friends or the company and ask them what a certain vegetable was and how I cooked it. I remember getting Jerusalem artichokes, a strange shaped squash. Hubby is the soup maker in our house – makes a big pot of veg soup a couple of times a week. It’s great in the winter. I love my veggies :-)The only draw back is that a lot of local producers in Scotland seem to love kale. I don’t!


  3. Sara I can so relate to your comment that sometimes you don’t have time to make something with all the food. I, too, have gotten good at making ‘pasta surprise’ which cobbles together various vegetables from my fridge – a different medley every time!


  4. Mo, I love Jerusalem artichokes! We had them the other night (it’s that time of year, I guess) roasted in the oven with garlic-infused olive oil drenched over them. They were delicious!


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