A "foodie" 3BT

1. Sipping a glass of yellow tail Shiraz as I cook dinner. Wine and cooking just seem to go together so nicely, don’t they? I just made up a new saying … “Once I tasted red, I put white to bed.” OK it’s not Shakespeare but it’s the truth.

2. Discovering a very simple recipe for sunchokes (aka jerusalem artichokes) which involves peeling them, drenching them in olive oil that’s been cooked with garlic for a little while, and roasting them in the oven with sea salt and cracked pepper. Simple, yet delicious!

3. Having a conversation with someone at lunch today about our shared love of avocados. Hey, they have the good kind of fat in them! (And they taste great!)

3 thoughts on “A "foodie" 3BT

  1. Hi Beth, you’ve been tagged. If you fancy it, write on 10 things that define your style. I have posted mine on my one step at a time blog.


  2. Hi again just back for another visit- I like the 3BT idea and I wonder if I can do it too?? Mo does it and I like the idea so perhaps will try it. Always a joy to visit here.


  3. Thanks for the tag Sara! Check out today’s post.

    Hi again Ocean – I definitely think you should 3BT if you want to. Check Clare’s blog out on my blog links section (Three Beautiful Things) as I think she was the one who started it all, but there are SO many other people doing it too and it’s great!


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