Finally finished, but…

It was months and months ago that I wrote about the poncho that I was knitting.

And knitting.

And knitting.

I didn’t work on it constantly over the last six months, just here and there, but it did take me that long to complete it – wow!. It was my first big project that I undertook after I learned how to knit through a wonderful class taught by Patricia Hart in Victoria earlier last year.

The poncho (a design from Bonne Marie Burns at Chic Knits) is supposed to look like this:

I thought it was quite cute. You knit two rectangular panels with thicker edges on two sides, seam them together, and then knit up a little collar around the whole thing. Sounds pretty simple right?


Before I go on, let me remind you (again!) that I’m a beginner knitter. I was so very pleased with myself that I could even knit these two square panels in 8-stitch repeats (25 repeats per panel) and keep the tension right, fix mistakes and all the rest of it throughout the last six months. I did happen to bind off the first panel a little too tightly so that it made it a little less-than-square on the one end, but I was willing to live with that. I didn’t think anyone would notice.

Well, I finished the panels and it felt so good! I had completed most of the project. I must admit, after that I did procrastinate on seaming the two panels together for several weeks. Knitting is great, but I thought seaming might be pretty darn boring.

When I finally got around to it, one night with the TV going and hubby watching that and me seaming, I was excited that my project was finally coming to a near-close. I seamed and I seamed. (Let me tell you, it didn’t take that long but it was pretty boring!) I seamed two seams together and then I stepped back to admire my handiwork.

Oh frickin’ crazy dumb-bumb heck in a jar! (I just made that up…) I seamed the two panels together WRONG. Yes there were only two ways to seam those panels together and I did it the wrong way. I just wasn’t paying attention.

See how in the picture above there’s this nice, neat edging around the entire piece? Well instead of leaving that on the outside, I seamed that part together with another edging part. So my nice edging now was not on the edges, but diagonally across the poncho!

By the way, it turns out that I can seam. I can seam like nobody’s business. I can seam so well that I had weaved in all my ends so completely that I could never find them again. I knew I could never taken the poncho apart and re-seam it without ruining it, beginner knitter that I am.

So what’s a knitter to do? Sorry Bonne Marie, but I just re-invented your design. My poncho now has regular edges and a very interesting, very wide seam that runs diagonally down across the chest. It does not have a collar. After the seaming incident, I just thought I’d leave well enough alone.

I wore the poncho the other day and someone commented on it and asked me where I’d gotten it. I told her that I (yes, I!) had knit it and, truth be told, I had made a huge mistake. Bless this woman’s soul, she actually told me she liked my way better! She said it had more visual interest than the other way that it was supposed to look.

Thank goodness for nice friends! She may have been lying her pants off but at least it made me feel better about my little foible. I guess the mistake I made wasn’t that big of a deal after all. But you better believe, I won’t do it again!

5 thoughts on “Finally finished, but…

  1. LOL do we get to see a photo of your version? At least it will be an original šŸ™‚ My gran taught me to knit when I was a little girl but I haven’t done any in years (I got the cross stitch bug). That design looks quite a challenge for beginners – you’ve done really well.


  2. Well done Beth, I can relate to your knitting experience. My gran taught me to knit when I was little, but I hadn’t done it for years. Last autumn I decided to knit christmas stockings for the boys. Big mistake! How on earth they get those feet the shape they are I will never know. It ended up a long shapeless ‘thing’. I only did one and then bought them ‘proper’ stockings from the shop. They argue over who’s NOT going to have the hand knitted one, and I thought it would be soooo special! Aaahh well it’s a learning experience. It’s strange but I just noticed what mo had written and I have written almost exactly the same first few lines. Good old grans!


  3. Hi Sara
    LOL – yeah, my gran lived with us and she taught me loads of needlecrafts. I’m eternally grateful to her. BTW just thought I’d add Morag is Gaelic for Sara – another coincidence.


  4. Sara I laughed when you said your boys fight over who is NOT going to have the knitted one – poor you! šŸ™‚

    Mo(rag!) and Sara – you gotta love grandmothers. Mine didn’t teach me to knit but she was a pretty special lady too.


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