The Holiday

Last night I checked out the new movie, The Holiday, with some friends and my number one guy. I like all four leads in the movie so had high hopes. I’m probably starting to sound like a Pollyanna, because it’s (again!) another movie that I liked. Believe me, there are plenty of movies that I don’t like – I just don’t tend to blog about them.

Anyway, back to The Holiday. This is a feel-good flick that just hits you right in the heartstrings for the holiday season. The story is about two tales of love gone wrong which ends up in – you guessed it – love gone right. I don’t think I’m ruining the *surprise* ending … I mean, you can see this coming right?

Cameron and Jude and Kate and Jack each work well together on screen. Jack Black’s accidental ‘boob-grazing’ moment was a laugh, and who can resist the dreamy eyes and impish smile of Jude Law? Cameron Diaz was stunning and stylish as usual and Kate Winslet was the girl next door that you just want to be friends with and laugh together over a cup of tea.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming holiday story with not too many surprises, this is a good pick for the season.

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