Around downtown

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir was singing in Market Square in downtown Victoria this afternoon, so we went down for a look. The choir director was quite funny, and kept getting the audience to participate and sing, but then would stop and make us restart again when he didn’t think we were loud enough or quick enough jumping in. We stayed for a few songs, and then merrily went on our way to do some Christmas shopping.

I split up from my husband, and eventually stopped to listen to a song from this group, some of the many street performers that grace the downtown streets of Victoria.

I caught a glimpse of Santa Claus mascarading as one of the drivers of the Harbour Ferries in the inner harbour. (The Parliament Buildings looked on.) I also went over the Hotel Grand Pacific where a non-profit organization was hosting a ‘Bear Wear’ event to raise money. The bears were quite cute, dressed up by participating individuals and companies in all sorts of interesting garb. A silent auction for these bears has been going on for over a week – most of them are going for hundreds of dollars!

This guy was Christmassy:
While this fellow had a definite Canadian flavour:
I finished up my shopping today – what a feeling!

2 thoughts on “Around downtown

  1. Hi Beth

    I notice you’re reading Tracy Chevalier’s “The Lady and the unicorn”. I loved that book. Have you read any of her others? The Virgin Blue was one of my favourites and, of course, The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I’m waiting impatiently for her next one.


  2. Hi Mo, I just finished it and it was wonderful! I’m definitely going to put a hold on the Virgin Blue at the library now that I’ve seen your post. Thanks! I liked the movie Girl with the Pearl Earring, but haven’t read the book yet. I love discovering new authors!


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