Beauty and the beast

Last night I went to see a performance of Beauty and the Beast by the Victoria Operatic Society with my number one favourite companion. After an exquisite meal (and I mean really wonderful – we were both exclaiming loud and often at how good the food was) at the Black Olive downtown, we zipped over to the McPherson Playhouse for the show.

It was excellent! I was captivated by Kira Tozer as Belle as her voice was simply magnificent and she was completely perfect in her part. The Beast was played wonderfully by Dwayne Gordon. And the costumes! I was wondering how they were going to make people into candlesticks, clocks, teacups and plates and their creativity and imagination displayed in the costumes was wonderful. Some of the “staff” were excellent – I particularly liked the va-va-voom relationship of Lumiere and Babette (she plays the feather duster…).

The music to this score is so moving that of course I had some tears streaming down my eyes in strategic parts throughout the show. Am I the only one that cries when I hear beautiful music? Probably not but sometimes I feel like it! Maybe it’s because I haven’t done anything much yet about finding the music. (The one thing about having a blog I suppose is that you have to keep your promises to yourself! This is a good reminder.)

If you ever get a chance to see this show in your own area, go for it! It’s not just for the kids.

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